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The Romanian people is profoundly spiritual. It is hard for a traveler that comes from our times to understand a world that still lives following ancient believes, in complete harmony with their Christian faith and the modern society.
In the country side, where these believes are still alive, the Romanian peasant considers two different parallel worlds: this one, where we live in and another one, witch can’t be seen with an open eye. There is here and there.
The mythological world of the traditional village is populated by many beings, some good, but mostly bad, and it is everyone’s duty to know and understand them. There are certain places where you are most likely to meet them, this is why, and if you ask a local in a village he will teach you to avoid some of the “dark places”: crossroads, deep valleys, narrow trails etc.

5. Where legend and history meet… Vlad Tepes, Dracula

I always hesitate when I approach this subject. There has been many things said about the subject, different sites tell different stories and in fact, what is it about? The title is not embellished.  In what concerns the story of … Continue reading

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4. Where Magic begins: Sanziana’s Night

A well known ancient believe is “Sanziana’s Night”. It is the night of summer fire, one of the most spectacular celebrations in Romania, where young men light fires, especially on mountaintops, dancing and leaping over the flames and other ancients … Continue reading

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