100 Great Things About Romania

100 GTAR was created from a great passion for Romania. This blog intends to make people from all over the world reconsider their opinion about Romania and know it as it really is: Beautiful and amazing.

100 GTAR also wants to be a travel guide that would help any visitor better plan its visit Romania.  As a professional tour guide I can continue my job here, on the spot, if anyone needs it.

I started this project as an addition to traditional travel guides that only see facts and sights from an objective perspective.

I live in Romania and along the years I had the chance to travel inside and outside my country. I know that around the world there are amazing places with beautiful landscapes and rich cultures, but I always come back to my homeland with a feeling of, how we say, “dor”, an untranslatable world that would mean  <missing someone familiar >. Whenever I come back home, I fall in love over and over again with the mild hills and wild mountains, the simple people that work so hard for their existence and that still believe in ancient superstitions, as we can find in many of the villages here.

So I took the experience of working as I travel agent and qualified travel guide and put it in this project, GTAR, that I hope travelers will find useful.

I was born in the eastern part of the country, in Moldova, I studied in the western part of the country, in Transylvania and I currently live and work in the south- Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Although they are part of the same country, these regions and the people here are slightly different. This is what I am trying to show in this travel guide. I want people to see the main attractions of this beautiful country that is Romania and also to get in contact with the authentic life and customs of its inhabitants.

I need to mention that this wordpress is an after-work hobby and I will to do my best to answer promptly to all your questions. So if I will be sometimes late, I hope you will forgive me. Also, English is my third language, after Romanian of course and French.

So fell free to contact me if you have any questions or curiosities.



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