2. Following myth and legend: Curtea de Arges

Curtea de Arges is a place where truth and myth come together. If you want to follow the well-known legend of Dracula or discover less known but interesting Romanian stories, combined with the breath-taking road Transfagarasan, a trip to Curtea  de Arges is a  must!

You can get here very fast. There are only 150 km from Bucharest and a highway makes the road much easier. First mentioned in 1510, this town with great history (residence of many kings- the Dacian Dromichaites, Basarab I) reveals itself to the travelers that wish to know its mysteries.

In the center of the town you find the Princely Church, built in the 13th century. The gardens are beautiful, so is the church, built from brick and river stone in a style that makes it look unfinished. But this is the way many hoses in the region are built and you don’t find these constructions elsewhere in Romania. Inside it’s dark but once the eye gets used to the shadows you can see beautiful byzantine paintings. Among them a unique picture: The Virgin Mary pregnant. It is believed that the painter had a lot of courage. At that times it was forbidden to represent the Virgin being pregnant but if you look closely you can see what the artist intended: to make Her closer to the human kind.

Continue the journey and visit The Monastery Curtea de Arges. You must learn about one of the most beautiful and dramatic myth of Romanian folklore: the story of Manole the mason and his wife, Ana and how she died so that the Man could build his gift to God. Add to that particular beautiful architecture and you will not regret the trip here.

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